Upper School Academics (9-12)

Intellectual rigor and a variety of opportunities provide a strong liberal arts foundation for upper school students. Planning an individual high school curriculum that fits each student is the cornerstone of a successful academic journey at Harpeth Hall.

From the Director

Harpeth Hall’s upper school  offers a strong foundation in the sciences, humanities, and arts that fosters creative and critical thinking, promotes global perspectives, and sparks life-long learning in our students.


Winterim, a fusion of classroom academics with real-world experience, offers upper school students the very best in experiential learning.

Public Purpose

Harpeth Hall develops responsible citizens who have global perspectives and make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world. 

Did You Know?

Harpeth Hall Upper School students are recognized in Middle Tennessee Science and Engineering Fair.

 Thirty Harpeth Hall students received regional recognition in Scholastic Art Awards program.

Harpeth Hall students continue to be recognized by the National Merit Scholarship program.

Over 100 Harpeth Hall students received accolades in the Sholastic Writing Awards program.

Upper school history teacher Jack Henderson talks about teaching Harpeth Hall students for more than 15 years.

Explore our Curriculum

Upper School English

The English curriculum at Harpeth Hall includes an array of literary works that provide opportunities for each student to think deeply about her relationship to the world around her and the complexities of the human experience. Writing, reading, research, grammar, and vocabulary strands serve as the foundation of our program.

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Upper School Science

Science is at the same time a body of information and a way of looking at the world. It is imperative for graduates of Harpeth Hall to possess both an understanding of scientific processes and analytical abilities necessary to utilize these concepts. Our science students are well prepared for the next level in science.

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When students enter high school they find a more independent approach to leadership development. At the same time, as a faculty, we are committed to helping our students find their voice and learn how to communicate effectively. In the upper school we teach the following topics each year. Our Life Balance classes incorporate these lessons as do our classroom teachers and administrators both in and out of the classroom.


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Center for STEM Education for Girls

Harpeth Hall is proud to take the lead in STEM education for girls. We incorporate the essential, research-based components of a successful college preparatory experience for girls to develop and pursue their interest in STEM. In an all-girl environment, collaboration skills are easy to hone. Our approach is inquiry-focused, project-based and student-centered where girls learn to take risks and engage with scientific thinking.

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